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Monday, 07 December 2015 00:00

Finland financial boons to people

 To bring equality among its people Finland is drawing up a new financial strategy. The government has a plan to give every one of its citizens a basic income of 800 euros a month and cut benefits altogether.

The Finnish Social Insurance Institute conducted a poll on the issue and the proposal got 69% people's support. Though some skeptical about this plan most people backed the basic income plan. Prime Minister Juha Sipila says,"A basic inxome plan will  simplifying the social security system. and erase social inequalities prevailed among citizens." 

 The proposal would entitle each Finn to 800 euros tax free each month. It would cost the government 52.2 billion euros a year. Some financial experts welcomed this movement and they said, "Someone does something sensible." The Finland government will make a final decision on the plan in November 2016.

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