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Thursday, 17 December 2015 00:00

First women elected to Saudi Arabia local councils Featured

In the conserative Saudi Arabia, first time in the country's  history women have elected to local councils. The people sent 17 women to municipal offices with great majority. The election was the first in which women could vote and run as candidates.

 This is a landmark step in Saudi where women are prevented from driving and legally dependent on a male relative. In this historic election a total of 978 women registered as candidates, alongside 5,938men. The Interior Ministry reported that, 17 women had been elected in various parts of the country. Saudi has 1,30,000 figure of eligible women voters and these votes played crucial role in local elections. Though the elected women candidates are very low while compared to the registered, the final result was welcomed by all. Winning 17 seats not a small number to saudi women. In conservative country, that too at the first time women bagged 17 seats and its major encouraging issue to them. However, the elections was for only two thirds of seats in local councils and they have no powers of lawmaking or national issues.

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