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Thursday, 17 December 2015 00:00

Japan's new adorable trend goes viral Featured

Japan's new adorable trend goes viral Japan's new adorable trend goes viral
 Onigiri, Japan's one of the favourites heart shape rice recipe. The rice ball shaped by hand staple, inspired parents to show their babies faces as Onigiri. And the new trend, rice-ball babies rocking the social media and the netizens are at their best to adore the cute kids.

 According to Buzzfeed, Japanese comedian Masahiro Ehara started it all with his own children. Since then, parents have flooded to Twitter and Instagram to share their own pics. Squishing babies faces to reflect as Onigiri is attracting people all over the world and some with no babies are posting their pets faces. Is it baby or pet the pictiures are perfect to adore and praise its beauty.Onigiri is not the first viral that captured the world's attention. Earlier Ice Bucket challenge attracted the world and not only people but also high profile personalities adopted it. In India too, Ice Bucket challenge made buzz and it paved way to Rice Bucket challenge to help needy. After this, Swach Bharath went viral with the presence of politicians and celebrities in social media to clean India.

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