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Sunday, 20 December 2015 00:00

Chinese caring his bed ridden wife for 56 years

A devoted husband has spent the last 56 years caring for his bed-ridden wife, who lost all sensation in her body when she was 20.

 Du Yuanfa, 84, of Sunjiayu, in east China’s Shandong Province, gave up his job as a coal miner in 1959, as he received a letter from his family one day that said his wife was sick in bed. He immediately asked for leave and rushed back to his hometown to see her. He returned home to discover his young wife was no longer able to look after herself, her whole body was stiff and she could not turn or even hold objects in her hands.

 His wife was very sick and soon became paralyzed. This all happened just five months after marriage. Du put her beloved wife in a wheelchair, took her to several different hospitals in the area for an accurate diagnosis. At each hospital, he was told that she would be confined to her bed for the rest of her life and unable to have children. Du’s friends and family members tried to convince Du to divorce her but he refused. Du told his wife that he would always be there to take care of her; he even quit his job so that he wouldn’t have to leave her alone. In the six decades since they married, Du, who also works as a farmer, has spoon-fed her meals, changed her bed-pans, boiled traditional Chinese medicines to try to help her get well and taken her to different hospitals for consultations, the Mail Online reported.

 The local government also helps the couple out, making sure that they don’t have to worry about food or clothing. Even today, Du is committed to find a cure to her illness. In this old age of 84, Du doesn’t hesitate travelling miles into remote Chinese mountains areas every time he hears about any herbal recipe. He tests the recipe on himself first before giving it to her, to make sure it’s not poisonous. The story of Du tells us that Love does not fade with circumstances, age and time.

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