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Wednesday, 30 December 2015 00:00

Hillary Clinton emerged as most admirable persons in US

Democratic Presidential front runner, Hillary Clinton has topped the list of America’s most admired people for the year 2015. She was shared the top place along with the President Barack Obama in man and woman category respectively, a latest US poll said on Monday.

 Americans named 68-year-old Hillary, record 20th time and 54-year-old Obama, eighth time the woman and man respectively living anywhere in the world they admire most, a US poll said. Both win by wide margins over the next-closest finishers, Malala Yousafzai for women and Pope Francis and Donald Trump for men, the poll said in its latest survey. The poll said although Clinton and Obama each led this year's poll by significant margins, the percentage mentioning each as most admired is slightly lower than the percentages they have received in the past. Across the eight times, Obama has been most admired man, an average 23 percent of Americans have named him, while in the 20 times, Clinton has been most admired woman, an average 16 percent have named her. This year, while Obama was name most admired man by 17 percent, Hillary Clinton by 13 percent, the poll said.

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