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Saturday, 11 June 2016 00:00

Delete your account: Donald Trump trolled by Hillary Clinton on Twitter Featured

"Delete your account" Hillary Clinton started targeting her rival Donald Trump in the campaign. All thought that the message was from Hillary but it was actually posted by a young staffer in her office. This was a response to the latest comment by Trump on Obama's endorsement of crooked Hillary, the day before.

The social media reacted well on this tweet. Within 90 minutes, the message was retweeted nearly 145000 times. This tweet has become the most retweeted tweet of the campaign, as said by the Alex Wall, the social media director of Hillary. She also faced many comebacks from her critics after this tweet. She was asked mainly about the use of private email account when she was serving as a key diplomat by the trump supporters.

All the republicans including Trump have targeted her saying that she had put US national security at high risk. All the top Republicans often took the email scandal as a key weapon in their campaigns. It is one of the major drawbacks faced by Hillary Clinton till date.

 The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus and House Republican Jeff Duncan asked Hillary about the deleted emails in their response tweets. In 2013, when she stepped down the job said that she had deleted 30,000 of her personal emails which had nothing to do with her operations as a secretary of the state.

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