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Friday, 02 September 2016 00:00

Stay in America with proper documentation: Donald Trump

American Presidential candidate is in the news once again. He was in the news earlier with his controversial statements on women and Indians. This time, he targeted Mexicans and the other citizens from different countries on the whole.

He said that he would send all the people who are residing in America without proper documentation. Nearly 1 crore people are living in America with out proper citizenship status. We are going to send them to their own countries. Many of them entering America in illegal ways and trying for citizenship. We are going to stop that. We are going to build one wall between Mexico and America. All the funding will be done by the Mexican Government. We give utmost importance to all the citizenship issues. We respect our citizens, adds Trump in a public meeting. Mexican Government replied that they are not going to fund the wall between Mexico and America. 

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