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Friday, 02 September 2016 00:00

Pakistan - China Relations are getting stronger

Pakistan and China International relations are getting stronger. Modi's comments regarding Balochistan created heat among India and Pakistan countries. Now , Pakistan is getting closer to China. China wants to build financial corridor in Balochistan area.

Recent development is that Pakistan signed 8 agreements with China. This deal is regarding the importing of sub marines worth Rs 34 thousand crores. These sub marines are handed over to Pakistan Army by 2028. All the Army officials agreed with this treaty. Another interesting thing is that China is offering these Sub marines to Pakistan by granting loan to the country at lower interest rates. But there are no more details revealed on this issue. But experts feel that there may be dealing on the Type 039 and Type 041. Let's see how dragon deals with India and Pakistan in the future. How these deals affect India-China relations in the future is very interesting.

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