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India developed it's own operating system

China is trying hard to develop it's own operating system but India developed it's own OS.China may feel jealous of this. Because it is trying hard to develop it's own operating system from 15 years. India developed it's own OS 2 years back. Read more

Pakistan - China Relations are getting stronger

Pakistan and China International relations are getting stronger. Modi's comments regarding Balochistan created heat among India and Pakistan countries. Now , Pakistan is getting closer to China. China wants to build financial corridor in Balochistan area. Read more

Apple may get time to adhere to local sourcing norms: Single brand retail stores

The government may offer more time to high level technology based companies like Apple Inc to adjust with the local sourcing norms for starting single brand retail stores in the country. Read more

Majority Population as Slave in India

On Monday, as per a global survey, more than 18 million of the total population is under the category of slave as forced beggars, bonded laborers, child soldiers or the sex workers. The Global Slavery Index record says 1.4% of the population in India, marking it as the fourth largest contribution in the slavery among the 167 countries. Read more