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BJP MP Tarun Vijay demands action against American agencies

BJP MP Tarun Vijay asked the government to take up with the US a wrong map of Kashmir allegedly published by Microsoft and other American agencies, saying it was“cartographic attack” on India’s sovereignty. Read more

Pakistani died with the cost of a selfie

A young Pakistani has died with the cost of A selfie hear at Rawalpindi.  A young man Jamshaid Khan, 22, was killed after being hit by a fast-moving train as he tried to take a selfie with it. Jamshaid Khan was an employee of the railways department, tried to take the photo on his phone while standing on the track in front of the train in Rawalpindi city. Read more

Secret diplomacy works for Indo- Pak issues

The arch-rivals India and Pakistan may rely on "secret diplomacy" to arrive at a deal on the vexed Kashmir dispute in a a move that emulates the path adopted by the Musharraf-Manmohan administrations to find an ‘out of box’ solution to the conflict that has sparked three wars between the two countries. Read more

Can we believed Kasab is alive even after hanged: Faridkot headmaster argued

Can anyone believe a man is alive even after he was hanged by court verdict? Is it possible? Now the same news is become a buzz in national media. 26/11 Mumbai attack terrorist Ajmal Kasab, the lone gunman caught alive after the assault and later hanged, is he alive ?  "Mudassir Lakhvi, the headmaster of a primary school in Faridkot, where Ajmal Kasab studied for three years told the court that he taught Kasab and he is alive," a court official said. Read more