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Victory Day celebrations show Russian military strength

The Victory Day celebrations in Russia once again showcased the mighty military power of the nation along with the Russian President Vladimir Putin mocking the west for their double standards. Read more

Libyan late dictator planned to strengthen relations with Russia through marriage

Former Libyan dictator late Muammar Gaddafi’ former advisor revealed interesting issue in world politics. Former Libyan dictator once tried to strenghten political ties between Russia and Libya through new family relations. Read more

Russia plans Wi-Fi burial grounds

Imagine standing in a graveyard late at night. You're alone, with no bars on your phone and desperately curious about Russian author Anton Chekov. It's an unlikely horror movie scenario, but it's one Russia is preparing for by introducing free Wi-Fi to three major cemeteries. Read more

Russia mobilising world leaders to tackle the Turkey

President Vladimir Putin is fully mobilised to tackle an unprecedented threat from Turkey following the shooting down of one of its warplanes by a Turkish F-16. In another sign of tensions after its shooting down of the Russian plane on Tuesday, which resulted in the death of one of the pilots, people also called by Turkey’s foreign ministry that to postpone all non-urgent travel to Russia. Read more