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Apple may get time to adhere to local sourcing norms: Single brand retail stores

The government may offer more time to high level technology based companies like Apple Inc to adjust with the local sourcing norms for starting single brand retail stores in the country. Read more

Desktop for Rs.335 only

In tech world every invention will be unique and wonder. Every manufacture company is competing to give best and economical to customer. A famous computer manufacture company Rasp Berry Pie has invented a cheapest computer in the world it costs only 5$ in Indian currency it is only Rs. 335. Read more

A lawyer wants Kohinoor back to Pakistan from UK

  A Pakistani lawyer wants his government to get the Kohinoor diamond from UK. He filed a pitition to bring back the precicious stone, now a part of the Crown Jewels, that India has been trying to get back from Britain for years. Read more

Sunni Arab areas become a source for strengthening of Islamic State

International Terrorist organization Islamic State,  which is known for making brutal attacks all over the world with irrespective of regions, now become threat to the world. All the developed countries like USA, UK, France, Rassia and European countries are being affected by its brutal attacks. Read more