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This man is making crores with facebook and twitter accounts

We waste a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook and twitter everyday. But, Chris is exception to this. He is making crores of rupees with the help of social media. He opened pages on leading social media sites and started posting interesting stuff in those pages. Read more

Delete your account: Donald Trump trolled by Hillary Clinton on Twitter

"Delete your account" Hillary Clinton started targeting her rival Donald Trump in the campaign. All thought that the message was from Hillary but it was actually posted by a young staffer in her office. This was a response to the latest comment by Trump on Obama's endorsement of crooked Hillary, the day before. Read more

Facebook was on lockdown because of Google+ : A Report

Social media giant Facebook is updating it's features regularly to satisfy it's users. It stood in the leading position with it's strong user-base spread over in many developed and under developed countries all over the world.But recent news is that Mark Zuckersberg, one of the founders of Facebook  was little bit tensed when Google plus was launched by the Google team. Read more

Social Networks site hit differently over salman verdict

Social media platforms were abuzz on Thursday after the Bombay High Court announced verdict over Bollywood superstar Salman Khan of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case.The court ruled that the prosecution had presented a weak case failing to prove that Salman Khan was indeed driving the vehicle that ran over 6 people, killing one and injuring five others in Bandra, suburban Mumbai. Read more