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2016 gears up for 4G

2015 is witnessed for rising of Smart phones in world wide. But the New Year, 2016 is going to gear up for 4G in Telecom sector. About 40 per cent of smart phones being shipped are already on 4G and more than 9 crore 4G subscribers and 18 crore 4G smartphones can be there by 2018, he added. Read more

iPhone 7 will coming with water-resistant

Good news for iPhone lovers. iPhone 7 will be made with special features. Apple top bosses expressed confident on iPhone -7 and they believe that it will make more and more profits than ever. Read more

Kiddie tablets have grown up

Tablets designed just for kids are getting more sophisticated as they face increased competition from regular tablets. The new products also have better screens, speedier chips and fashionably slim bodies. Read more

Whatsapp offers video call

The news that whats app has finally got a voice calling feature that’s available to everyone has left us with just one question: when do we get video? Whats App might not do video yet but there are plenty of hints that it’s coming, and with Face book in the driving seat we’re sure it’s a matter of when, not if, the feature is coming. Here’s what we know about how to make Whats App video calls. Read more